On Camera Skills

Rule #1: Authenticity

If you want to be on camera and have no intention of being authentic go to a different website now. I’m HUGE on authenticity. If you are not authentic, if you are not YOU, you won’t be nearly as successful as you could have been. I wish someone had told me this very early on in my career. Authenticity is a trait I have always prided myself on off camera…but it took me awhile to find it on camera. So I’m giving you a head start!

Everything is magnified thru the lens. If you’re fake, if you are not you, that will shine thru! 

Being yourself on camera is everything.


Rule #2: Thick Skin

Once you decide to be authentic on camera you will quickly learn that people either love you, or hate you. You have to be ok with that. If not, it’s gonna be a long road.

Having thick skin is a must. People who don’t even know you are going to have something to say about how you talk, how you dress, how you wear your hair. That’s what you get when you put yourself out there. Is it nice, no. Is it fair, no. But it is what it is. Game on.


Rule #3: Play Nicely With Others

Whether you are working in a News Room, on a film set, or one on one with a photographer or videographer your success on camera often has a lot to do with someone else. If you piss off the person holding the camera…they can make you or break you. Same goes for a co-anchor or co-host.

If you are a diva (and this pertains to men and women) to one producer, other producers will dread working with you.  Are there divas and headcases who are successful on camera…yes. Do you want to be one of them? Or do you want to be the person everyone wants to work with? I’m not saying to be a pushover. Just be nice.