By profession I’m a TV person. I am good on camera. I am comfortable on camera. It’s actually where I’m most comfortable! You’d probably rather talk to an acquaintance at a party, right? Not me! Small talk terrifies me. I’d rather talk on stage in front of hundreds of people or to a camera broadcasting (preferably live) to thousands! I’m not normal I know! 

I’m also not a fitness expert, I’m not a chef, not a motivational speaker or a certified healer of any sort. And God knows I am not a certified expert on kids. But
I do believe I’m a little bit of all these things based on life experience alone.
A life experience I am truly passionate about is my choice to remove my breast implants after almost 20 years! There’s a whole section of this site dedicated to just that! 

There are no master degrees hanging on my walls. There is a degree however in Communications, from Florida State University (Go Noles)… and that’s what I  have been a majority of my life…a communicator.

As a TV Personality, for almost 20 years, I have had the privilege of communicating with so many different people. What better place to continue the talks, than on my own website. I hope you enjoy the content. Comment away…these feelings are not hurt easily. But most importantly, enjoy.