Back To A B-cup

The amount of women who have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases who have breast implants is alarming! And we all have such similar symptoms!

My joints were so bad for so long, I couldn’t do basic exercises. Sometimes I forget how badly I hurt because I feel so much better now!



Are there things you can’t do because you are in pain all the time?


Top questions I get asked.


Here’s a very brief recap of my story…


Mom I Need a Boob Job

When I was 18 I decided I NEEDED a boob job. Notice, I said NEEDED, not wanted. The mystery that still boggles my mind today is how in the heck I convinced my parents to go for it! I will admit I was a very persuasive teenager, but my parents were also some of the strictest/toughest of all my friends’ parents. It still doesn’t make sense to me all of these years later. But at the time I was so grateful they said yes.

Thinking back to my 18-year old self it’s weird…I was a confident kid. I’ve always been confident. But my boobs were never what I considered “perfect.” And perfect, or close to it, as unrealistic as it is, is always what I have tried to be.

They were uneven. My right boob always smaller than the left. I thought it was soooooo obvious. It wasn’t.

So, after meeting with our family friend, who was also a plastic surgeon, we picked a date. March 3, 2000. Spring Break my freshman year of college. Two months shy of my 19th birthday I was set to get a new rack!

Let me say this…I loved my new boobs! They were fantastic. I’ve never been a tiny girl, so they fit my body well. They weren’t too big or too fake looking. They were saline, and a tear drop shape. They were AMAZING.

This was my junior year of college, on a trip to New York with my girlfriends. The twins were about 2 years old. (Can you tell I worked at a tanning salon at the time?!)

Picture Perfect

Even then, at 18, I knew the career path I wanted to take. I wanted to be a TV News Reporter. The summer before my surgery I did my first internship, and that’s when I first watched myself on camera (awkward in so many ways, but that’s for a different post).

Well, when I went back the next summer, with the twins, I loved how I looked on camera so much more (when it came to my body)! Don’t get me wrong, my boobs were not stripper boobs. They were tasteful, but they were THERE!  There was actually a saying I heard a couple of years later that proved to be true, when it came to being on camera, you should ‘invest in the chest.’ I did, and it worked.

Not once did I think about the long term. I wasn’t concerned about what they would look like or feel like in 10 or 15 years. I wasn’t worried about having to have then redone every decade. I never asked if I would be able to breastfeed my kids. I was 18! All I was looking for was perfection! And keep in mind, these were the days before social media. This desire to be perfect came from within. There was no Instagram leading the way.

The First 10 Years

My boobs were really great for a long time. Did I mention how much I loved them?

I got married with them. Had two beautiful healthy babies with them. I was able to successfully nurse both of my girls. One for her ENTIRE first year. No issues. Did they change a little after the weight gain of pregnancy and the pulling of pumping…of course! But they were still holding their own.


But as with most good things…they must come to an end. I had my implants removed in November of 2017. For more information on how I prepared mentally and physically to explant please join my email list. My book “Are Your Fake Boobs Making You Sick?” will be available soon.