Appearance Is Everything

You know that Britney Spears song… “You Better Work Bitch”

That’s how I feel when it comes to one’s appearance on camera. You better work!

Please don’t misinterpret this. I am NOT saying you have to be the thinnest or the fittest or the prettiest person in the world. Nope. But you better be your best version of you!


Shift Work 

I think about all the different shifts I worked over the years. Many of them overnights. That meant waking up at 2am! To say I felt like a HOT MESS 90% of the time would be a huge understatement. 


I‘d show up to work with mismatched shoes, or no heels at all. I would have duct tape keeping together the loose hem in my skirts. I literally laughed off a fake eyelash one morning, and lost a hair extension mid-show another morning! 

But the viewers never knew any of this! Because appearance is everything.


Confidence Shows

Want to know a secret…the better you feel about yourself the more confident you are going to be on camera. Get a bad haircut, you’re gonna flop (only temporarily though;)). Wear an outfit you don’t LOVE, your shoulders may slump a little. Read a script that is not “you,” your voice may get softer or shake slightly. Trust me, I know.