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Fake Boobs and Breast Cancer

My phone started blowing up last night while we were eating dinner. Usually, when we are at the table I ignore phone calls and text messages, but it got to the point where I thought something was wrong! Somebody must have really needed me the way the text messages were coming thru! 

I was eating stone crabs…which are super messy…the last thing I wanted to do was get up, wash my hands and check my phone. But I did.

Nothing was wrong, but it became clear that people, my friends, the world, a lot of us are paying attention. NBC Nightly News did a story on textured implants causing cancer. Here’s the link:

My friends went nuts as far as letting me know there was a story on the news, about a subject I am slightly obsessed with these days! And I love them for that!

This is not a NEW story, it’s been circulating awhile now, but it’s finally getting attention. Just wait until EVERYONE starts paying attention to the bigger story! Breast implants and their possible impacts, textured or not.

(Side note…Yes, I freelance for NBC, it’s just a total coincidence it was on the same network.)




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