Thanksgiving Cheats

I LOVE Thanksgiving.

It’s definitely my favorite holiday. I’m a major foodie, maybe that’s why!

With that said, I think the meaning of the holiday is lost too often because of the food! Thanksgiving should be about being thankful and about family. Not about binge eating and then feeling crappy ALL DAY.

A few years ago, after getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I changed the way I ate big time. And yes, that meant even maintaining a clean diet during Thanksgiving dinner. 

While the turkey and the cranberry was still cool to eat…my favorite…the stuffing no longer was.

Luckily I found this amazing recipe for Paleo stuffing that I now make every year. My mom still makes a regular stuffing, but my husband and I enjoy the Paleo version. This is not my recipe. I got it from one of my fave websites for recipes Paleo Porn. The best part about finding this recipe…the Maple Paleo Corn Bread you have to make for the stuffing is a “bread”I now make all the time! I serve it with soups, or chili. I use it as a toast substitute with my eggs in the morning. It’s delicious. Tastes like pound cake!

Here’s the link to the stuffing recipe. I’m not posting it directly on my site because Paleo Porn deserves all the credit!





You need 2 cups of Almond Flour and 1 cup of Coconut Flour






Yep, a WHOLE stick of grass fed butter. Don’t be afraid of WHOLE fats!


Syrup is your sweetener!

Pies, Wine and Champagne.

While my mom takes on a majority of the cooking on Thanksgiving, everyone helps a little. I am not sure how, but at some point I was put in charge of bringing pies, wine and champagne. There’s this great nursery near our house that has THE BEST PIES! Naturally, that’s where I go and buy pies each year. But the irony, I don’t eat the pies anymore. I may sneak a bite of the filling on the pecan pie, but I don’t enjoy a full slice of any of them, which is why a few years back I started baking a Paleo pumpkin pie. 

Here are the pie crust and cornbread about to be put in the oven.

Does it taste just like a regular pumpkin pie, NO WAY. But I think it’s really good! And the best part is I don’t feel crappy after I eat it!

Again…I’m not taking credit for something I didn’t come up with. Here’s the Pumpkin Pie Recipe I use every year from Elena’s Pantry.

As far as the wine and champagne, I have no magic recipe to make those anything than what they are! I think most of us would agree that we shouldn’t mess with the bubbly!



Ever since I explanted (took out my fake boobs) certain foods don’t trigger me the way the use to. But regardless I continue to eat this way because overall I just feel BETTER!