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Apparently Skull Crushers Are My New Best Friend

In an effort to be the best version of me, I’ve picked up my workout game recently.

And by picked up I mean, I’m really pushing myself. I don’t remember a time where I didn’t workout at all. I’ve always done something, but my 30 minute runs and circuits have been in need of a little mixing up…a little push. So who better to go to for workout advice than my husband?

Jason and I are always the “push” the other one needs. We’ve been this way since we met, before we were even married. I think one of the biggest personality traits we share is ambition, and when one of us is missing a little for one reason or another, the other person is there to push.

You see…there are a couple of things about my husband that make him a great candidate to play my “trainer”:

He is a workout fanatic. He works out EVERYDAY. No I am not exaggerating. The man goes to the gym every damn day of his life. And if he’s not working out at the gym, he’s going for a run or he’s going to yoga. He’s a freak. Even on holidays or when we go on vacation…he does not miss a day. (Yes, this can be very annoying at times).

He keeps it real! This man is honest. He has no problem letting me know when I need to do a few more rounds of triceps or squats. I know I am going to get whatever my body is in need of. And a little selfishly on his end…there are always a lot of squats and lunges involved. #assman.

I’ve been fascinated by the reaction I have gotten from so many people, both men and women about having my husband “train” me! I’ve gotten several “Oh hell no’s,” a couple “I’d kill him!” Men who say “My wife would never let me tell her what she needs to tone up.”

Here are a few of the texts we’ve exchanged since we started this “program” a couple weeks ago… (yes he’s saved in my phone as Boo)




See…what I see here is LOVE. Especially the part about grabbing pumpkin spice lattes later!

But seriously…he knows how I like to look. He knows how I like to feel. Who better than to program my workouts, to be my push, than the person who knows me best? I know what areas on my body that need the most work. Jason reminding me to hit the skull crushers for my triceps hard, is not going to come as a huge surprise! But I’m curious…am I the exception here?

Would you be o.k. with your spouse training you? 




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