So You Want to Be on Camera?!

Welcome to Jen Herrera TV!

How exciting that you are here!!!

There are so many simple skills that are easily learned that are going to make so much of a difference when it comes to how you feel about going on camera!

But the truth…we need to build that confidence first. 

Already love the camera? Awesome! We will just fine tune certain things.

Terrified of going on camera…but you love telling stories or sharing cool content with the world? I feel you! That was me! (Still me at times)


See this pic…I look super confident and comfortable right? I wasn’t! Confidence under certain situations is a learned behavior. There are things I do every time I’m working to find it!
Yes, even extremely shy, introverted people can find success in the spotlight. I will show you how. I am living proof!

Take a look around the site. Learn and laugh from my videos and blog posts. You will find lots of life lessons both professionally and personally. It all goes hand in hand!

Here’s to staying strong, confident and in the spotlight!